A healthy snack

On my yoga retreat in this past July I got aquanted with Ayervedic food. After the retreat I have been experimenting with some recipes I have found off the Internet, had some culinary disasters 🙂 but also found some real goodies – and these little sweet balls were an instant hit! These date/almond balls are sweet and yummy, and a perfect non-sugar alternative for those sweet cravings! Continue reading A healthy snack


Dancing in September Shawl

This shawl is meant as a gift for a cousin. It was actually not meant to end up as a design, but as I played along with the stitches, it kind of just made itself up! And I found it a fun and learnful experience to actually write it down, make a chart, find and work with testers and now it’s time to publish it! Continue reading Dancing in September Shawl

Ronjas Summer Top

This spring my daughter came to me asking if I would make her a “cool” summer top… It had to be black, have a halter neck and a lace edge at the bottom, and if possible also beads… Well, sure 🙂 But let’s have a look first what it is she really wanted. Honestly I … Continue reading Ronjas Summer Top

My first pattern

Last year I made my very first cushion using the Tunesian crochet technique. I was curious on how it worked and wanted to try it out for a new cushion for my sofa. I loved how it worked, it’s quite easy to do and with bulky yarn it works super fast. The fabric turns out … Continue reading My first pattern

A new start

It had been coming for some time…. I was feeling down, stressed and exhausted. Less fun, less smiles and more frustration and anxiety. I had very little pleasure in my work and I needed to come to terms and make some tough decisions. In December the big decision was made – I would stop working, give … Continue reading A new start